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For the past 26 years, I have taken on many different educational roles in schools around the country. I began my career as a high school English teacher and Varsity Girls Basketball coach in a Louisiana private school. After that start, I dove into the public school realm in New Jersey and New York, where I continued my teaching and coaching career.

I have also worn the hats of newspaper and literary magazine advisor, Department Chair, HS Assistant Principal, and HS Principal (a role I presently hold). I have worked in eight districts and ten schools: some large, some small, some urban, some suburban, some wealthy, some impoverished, some conservative and some liberal. The philosophies of and approaches to education have varied greatly, but they all have contributed to my understanding of the challenges that educators and parents face when shaping young minds.

On top of my professional experiences, I am also a parent and a doctoral student. Each of my posts will consider the knowledge, wisdom and experience I have gained in these various roles and hopefully assist my readers in their work with teenagers and adolescents, while also generating new discussions and partnerships for my readers and with me. I look forward to the journey ahead.

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Debbie Brand

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